What's On For Parents

There’s plenty happening for adults as well! Join us at the Getaway Café parent’s retreat on the Tuesday and Wednesday mornings during the week, from 9-10:30am (finishing before the Summerfest kid’s program wraps up at midday), and during this time there will also be a crèche available for under 5s.

While your kids have a great morning of activities and adventure, the Getaway Café is a retreat for parents, carers and other adults to relax over good coffee and a delicious morning tea (all free), and also enjoy informative seminars from Mel Hayde on relevant parenting topics including “From Toddlers to Teens: The misconception of obedience and responsibility” on Tuesday morning, and “The Open Cookie Jar: Raising kids with self-control” on Wednesday. Both of these seminars will also finish with extended Q&A time to pick Mel’s brains in the most relevant ways for you!

Mel is a mother of three, and a trained High School Maths Teacher with a Masters in Education and a Masters in Counselling.  She is the author of three parenting books, Terrific Toddlers, Terrific Toddlers 2 and Toddler to Teen.  Her passion is to help parents enjoy their children, and her seminars offer parenting solutions that are positive and practical.

We look forward to seeing you there!